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THE GENESIS Mexico in the forties: shooting live animals at long range is a very popular sport.

Dating back to the revolutionary era, these matches gather a lot of people and there are big bucks at stake.

The minimum set of safety gear a skater must wear is skate helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads. Injuries are common and include torn knee ligaments, concussions, black eyes, hip hematomas, shin bruises, spiral fractures, bruising, rink rash, Velcro scratches, abrasions, sprained ankles, and dislocations.

Seasoned players also suffer rotator cuff damage, lower back pain, and knee problems.

Considerando que o Parlamento nigeriano examina actualmente uma lei intitulada Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act (relativa proibio do casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo), que prev uma pena de cinco anos de priso para quem "efectuar, testemunhar, ajudar ou for cmplice na cerimnia de casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo", mas tambm para quem se envolver, de modo pblico ou privado, na representao positiva ou na apologia de relaes I.

For a great overview of roller derby, see Roller Derby on How Stuff Works.

For overview and the history of roller derby, both banked track and flat track, see Roller Derby on Wikipedia.

You Tube hosts a really cool animated look at flat track derby rules: Roller Derby Explained. For a funny and smart dead-tree read about modern flat-track roller derby, pick up a copy of Melissa Joulwan's .

We are governed by the Official Rules of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

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