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And often we see a thing, not precisely as it is in itself, but through a likeness or image, as when we look upon a face in a mirror. Clanvowe differs from Chaucer in his access to vernacular traditions that Chaucer had a hand in creating; Chaucer's own models were of necessity mainly continental, but Clanvowe was able to allude freely to those of Chaucer's works that predated his own efforts. Gans, "Archaism and Neologism in Spenser's Diction," 76 (1979), 377-79. weyes" (2.822), as she enters the realm of courtly behavior. "Lovyng is an office of dispaire," he warns (line 176) that only leads to abandonment as soon as one turns one's back. Although she argues that lovers gain something from surrendering to Love, "[f]or Love his servant evermore amendeth [improves], / And fro al tachches [blemishes] him defendeth" (lines 191-92), it is equally clear that Love is the source of a lover's pain, since that is what "maketh him to brenne as eny fire" (line 193).

And in this way, we often express and yet do not express, see and yet do not see, one and the same object; we express and see it through another; we do not express it, and do not see it by virtue of its own proper nature" (, intro. Gans points out the difficulties in identifying archaisms in Spenser: "The Elizabethan glossaries indicate that the question of Spenser's archaism is too complex to be resolved by counting cita-tions. 16 Scattergood dates the poem 1386-91 on the basis of literary resonances with Chaucer (1975, p. 17 Compare Chaucer's , where Criseyde walks arm in arm with her companions along "sonded . 18 The opening two lines of Clanvowe's poem quoted here are borrowed from The Knight's Tale, indicating both the poem's interest in love and its close association with Chaucer's works. 32 See the contents in the facsimile volume, intro. The cuckoo's sniping against love finally provokes the nightingale to a personal attack - "Fye . Further, when she says that the God of Love "whom him likes, joy ynogh him sendeth" ("sends plenty of joy to whomever he likes," line 195), the nightingale echoes the narrator's observa-tions at the beginning of the poem that Love is an arbitrary and willful master.

The manuscript consists of two parchment leaves containing parts of Suras (chapters) 18 to 20, and was written with ink in an early form of Arabic script known as Hijaz.

The finding may have significant theological ramifications.

However, according to new radiocarbon tests run by Oxford University, researchers are now claiming the pages are even older – possibly 1,371 to 1,448 years old.“It destabilizes, to put it mildly, the idea that we can know anything with certainty about how the Koran emerged – and that in turn has implications for the history of Muhammad and the Companions,” historian Tom Holland told the Times.

As such, if the Oxford dating is correct, the world’s oldest Koran was created between 568 and 645 CE, while the prophet is believed to have lived between 570 and 632 CE.

This means that the first known formal text of the Koran could date back to Muhammad’s childhood, or possibly even before his birth, the Times added.

With Mc Coy’s hazy raps and an emphasized bass, Patrick’s high-pitched chorus gave the track the lovelorn whine that fit the mood. This story not only stirred controversy and was banned in the state of Massachusetts, but it also led to the arrests of both Bill Gaines’ associate, Lyle Stuart, and his receptionist, Shirley Norris. In February, Walt Disney introduced his version of Peter Pan to the world, and it rapidly became the year’s top grossing film. In pop culture, “The Song from Moulin Rouge” by Percy Faith was the top song.11 This points to a more complex and troubled relation between Chaucer and those who venerate him as "father," the possibility of an Oedipal relationship between Chaucer and those poets who wrote "Chaucerian" verse after him. These responses, together with the cuckoo's dismissal of lovers as diseas-ed and weak, rouse the incensed nightingale to a vociferous defense of love.One implication of such a charged acknowledgment of Chaucer's im-portance, in other words, is that poets who followed him were not simply celebrating his genius but attempting to distinguish themselves through their own appropriation of and redeployment of the elements of his style. She catalogues the virtues of the God of Love's service, arguing that it produces all goodness, honor, nobility, pleasure, heart's desire, perfect joy, trust, happiness, delight, cheerfulness, humility, faithful companionship, graciousness, generosity, courtesy, and fear of shame or doing wrong.

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The Buonarroti claimed to descend from Countess Mathilde of Canossa; this claim was probably false, but Michelangelo himself believed it.