A realistic dating service commercial

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A realistic dating service commercial

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It depicts to act out physically/emotionally with someone other than your partner,' another complaint said.

However in a case report the Advertisement Standards Board disagreed, saying the scene lead viewers to believe the woman would have harmed her husband if the Ashley Madison advert had not been played on the television.'The Board noted that there is no requirement for the woman to be holding a baseball bat whilst on the lounge and considered that its inclusion in this scene is clearly suggestive of the woman's intent to cause harm to the man and that it is only the woman's attention being diverted by the Ashley Madison advertisement being aired on the television in front of her which stops her from hitting the man,' the board said.

The Advertising Standards Board deemed the scene unnecessary, saying there is 'no requirement' for the woman to be holding the bat and agreed with complaints which claimed it suggests resorting to violence or an affair is acceptable.

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