Updating my address book hoax

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Updating my address book hoax

Visit an agent website and you'll notice a similar blue and white color scheme as the official USPS website and an almost identical change of address form as the Postal Service's.Give your address and credit card information to these companies and, according to complaints on sites like Scambook and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you could see exorbitant charges for address-changing services as well as recurring monthly gray charges for so-called "identity theft protection." Some consumers say their mail was never forwarded, a signal that the change of address was never submitted to the Postal Service. on June 28, 2013 in BBB complaint comments regarding an agent website using deceitful tactics.

But in a recent TV interview broadcast on local Wisconsin and Nebraska television affiliates, U. Postal Inspector Paul Krenn discussed the problem of "agent websites," a.k.a.Rest assured that by reporting the email as spam you are not blocking or reporting yourself!You are helping us identify the source of the spoof email.Luna/X (a pun to Linux and the Latin word for moon, as well as a reference to both the Windows XP visual style and Mac OS X) is the name of a new operating system they claimed to have created for working at the research center.Google also announced Gmail on April 1, with an unprecedented and unbelievable free 1 GB space, compared to e.g. The announcement of Gmail was written in an unserious jokey language normally seen in April Fools' jokes, tricking many into thinking that it was an April Fools' joke.

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In reality, it was a double fake, in that the announced product was serious.